UpRising launch learning session with David Lammy MP

Minister speaks at UpRising learning session

The first UpRising learning session was held with David Lammy MP, a Minister at the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, delivering the keynote address. The event was held on 24th July and was hosted by Clifford Chance on the 30th floor of their magnificant building in Canary Wharf.  

Attending the event were young people aged 19-25 from Barking & Dagenham, Newham and Tower Hamlets who had been selected to take part in the first year of the programme. 


David Lammy MP speaking at the UpRising launch learning session. David Lammy MP speaking to Ahmed Shazad and Lucie Brochhausen.

During the learning session David Lammy gave a speech and answered questions about leadership and a range of issues. He discussed the importance of involvement in the community and his experience of being an MP and Minister. Before the speech, UpRisers also had the opportunity to speak to David Lammy personally about his experiences and their interests. 

During his speech David Lammy MP said:

“It’s about dealing with people. It’s about humility. It’s about integrity and honesty. All of those skills that come to make you the person you are today and the person you want to be tommorrow. That’s, I hope, some of what you will see over the weeks and months ahead. I am filled with so much joy when I look out at this audience because the other side of my job is that in the decisions that I make, in the meetings I have, I don’t see enough people like you in this room in those meetings. I don’t see that young, dynamic diverse presence in those meetings. Making those decisions. Finding their way. I want you to be there in the months ahead.”

Following the plenary session, UpRisers took part in breakout sessions involving group exercises which focussed on what it takes to be a good leader and agreeing ground rules for the coming year.


Group exercise in one of the breakout groups.

The event was closed by Stuart Popham, Senior Partner of Clifford Chance LLP, worldwide, who spoke about how he became a leader at Clifford Chance as well as encouraging the UpRisers to ensure that they chose careers they enjoyed.     


Stuart Popham, Senior Partner of Clifford Chance LLP, worldwide, closes the learning session.

UpRising, which has been set up by the Young Foundation with the support of v, the youth volunteering organisation, is a leadership programme for talented young people from diverse backgrounds especially targeting those from white working class and ethnic minority backgrounds, creating opportunities to form strong ties and work together to serve their communities. It was developed in response to a widespread concern that in many parts of Britain young people lack routes into positions of leadership and power – whether in politics and the public sector, or in business and the third sector. Participants will be supported to take up leadership positions on the boards of charities, schools, colleges, housing associations as well as quangos – all of whom spend billions of public money and are keen to attract fresh talent.    

UpRising is being piloted in East London with young people between the ages of 19-25 from Barking & Dagenham, Newham and Tower Hamlets. It will then spread across London and around the country.    

UpRising was recently included in the Communities in Control White Paper, published by the Communities and Local Government (CLG) department. UpRising was singled out in the white paper as an example of an innovative new programme that is supporting and developing a new generation of young people to play a greater role in politics and public life. 

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