Values of leadership

UpRiser Rupert Armistead presents two of the ground rules developed by the UpRisers.

UpRisers took part in a learning session on 4 August 2009, to examine and reflect on their personal leadership values.

To demonstrate the role of values in leadership, Alastair Wilson, Chief Executive of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, took part in a Q & A session at the learning session about his leadership journey and the influence of his values on it.

Alastair Wilson was questioned by UpRising staff member Louise Pulford and the UpRisers about lessons from his personal experiences as a social entrepreneur starting up Homeless Direct, a capacity building project which supports local providers of emergency care for homeless people in recruiting donors and volunteers, and at the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

UpRisers also agreed ground rules developed by a working group following the launch learning session. The ground rules outlined the values that the UpRisers hoped would underpin their year on UpRising. Breakout workshops allowed participants to share their life stories and explore how their experiences shaped their personal values. The learning session was held in the heart of the East End at Oxford House, a community organisation based in Bethnal Green.

Click here to see photos of the learning session.

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