The ethical challenges of leadership

 “One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.”  Nelson Mandela


“Do you mainly make decisions based on logical reasoning?”  “Is it ever okay to lie?”  “To what extent do you refer to your ethical beliefs when making decisions?”

These are a few of the challenging issues posed to UpRisers by Jonny Zander, director of Kaizen Partnership, at our 30 March learning session on ethical leadership. Kaizen are a passionate group of consultants, trainers and youth workers specialising in community action in the areas of regeneration, housing, education and employment. 

Jonny facilitated an energizing workshop on the important and complex topic of ethical leadership. Participants confronted ethical dilemmas and real-life scenarios such as choosing between peaceful campaigning tactics and violent ones, confronting sexual harassment in the workplace, and whether and how to choose an ethical job. Finally, we explored the underlying influences on our actions to begin to unravel questions of how and why we make decisions, and perhaps to push us to be more conscious decision-makers in the future.

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