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There are lots of ways to support UpRising. Have a look at how you can get involved, and fill then click the form below to let us know how you’d like to help.

Becoming an UpRising mentor

You can pass on your knowledge and experience to a young person by being an UpRising mentor. Mentors will be asked to commit an hour a month during the year-long programme to meet with their mentee. You will also be invited to an informal networking event to meet other mentors and mentees, and to an end of year celebration event.

Hosting a learning visit

Hosting a learning visit will give UpRising participants the opportunity to go behind the scenes in a range of public institutions to see for themselves how decisions are made and to meet and question those who are in power. We are looking for offers to host visits to government departments, the Houses of Parliament, media organisation, major NGOs, police authorities and town halls.

Attending or hosting a learning visit

A key part of UpRising is building the networks that participants can tap into. Networking events will include major talks or receptions with inspiring guest speakers and the opportunity to connect with leaders in politics, business, government, voluntary sector organisations and the media. By attending or hosting a networking event you will help UpRising participants build up their contacts and also have the opportunity to meet fellow UpRising supporters.

Contributing to a learning session

Monthly evening training sessions will be held in East London where guest speakers and trainers will address issues such as understanding and influencing power, leading and managing teams, working with the media, and conflict resolution. By taking part you can help UpRising participants gain skills in leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving and project management.

Attend a fundraising event

You can help support UpRising by attending an UpRising fundraising dinner which all participants will help organise and host.

Click here if you would like to help in one of the ways outlined above.


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