By participating in UpRising, you get:

Skills for a career: Develop your work skills – including leadership, communication, project management, and networking. This will look fantastic on your CV and will be useful wherever you decide to work. 

A chance to make a difference: This is a chance to give back to your community, through developing your own project and by using the knowledge you have gained as you begin your career as a public leader representing this community.

A chance to meet influential people: By the end of UpRising, you will have made valuable connections with influential people both inside and outside your community. You will also, of course, have the support network of the other young people like you participating in UpRising.

Insight: You will have a much deeper understanding of how government and public institutions work and how you can influence them.

Sense of pride and achievement: Acknowledgement from your community, friends and family for your hard work. Your involvement in the programme could be profiled in local and national media. We will also celebrate your achievement at a special celebration event.  

A chance to help shape your future and a chance to get noticed!

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