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UpRisers witness Jack Straw give evidence at the Iraq Inquiry

UpRising participants experienced an important moment in history by attending Jack Straw’s (Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, 2001 – 2006) hearing at the Iraq Inquiry, on February 8 2010. Sitting mere metres away from Straw and Inquiry members, UpRisers had a direct view of proceedings and witnessed first hand how such inquiry attempts to […]

Guardian learning visit

UpRisers were invited to the Guardian’s offices by Comment is Free editor Natalie Hanman to learn more about the Guardian and how they can get involved in writing articles for it! The UpRisers received a tour of the newsroom and met with Guardian journalists Natalie Hanman, Afua Hirsch, Paul Lewis and Matthew Taylor to find […]

UpRisers facilitate a chain reaction

A group of UpRisers and UpRising graduates took part in Chain Reaction 2009, an event that brought together social leaders, community activists, policy makers, business leaders, and young people from the UK and beyond to share learning and to generate new ideas for social change, locally and globally.     The team of 13 UpRisers and UpRising […]

UpRisers see community organising in action

The East London Communities Organisation (TELCO) welcomed a group of UpRisers to their 13th Anniversary Delegates Assembly at Stratford Old Townhall.       TELCO is the oldest chapter of LONDON CITIZENS, a citizens organising network. TELCO is a coalition main up of congregations, schools, unions and associations from across East London.       The four UpRisers participating in the […]

Award winning architect gives advice on turning an idea into a reality

A group of four UpRisers visited award winning architect Amanda Levete at her practice in West London on 30 September 2009. Amanda Levete and her team of architects talked to UpRisers about the challenges of taking a project from idea to completion, the importance of persevering with one’s ideas and the way in which the […]

Al Jazeera hosts UpRisers

A group of UpRisers were hosted by the Al Jazeera’s London bureau for a learning visit on 25 September 2009.  The visit included a Q&A session with the Programme Editor of the News Desk, Richard Martin, and Programme Producer Stephen Phelps, a visit around the different studios and a conversation with Russell Beard, who works on […]

UpRisers visit Whitechapel Art Gallery

Participants on the UpRising leadership programme toured Whitechapel Art Gallery on 20 August 2009. The more than 100 year old gallery is a major landmark on London’s cultural scene and has a history of showing art inspired by the local area and community. For example, during their visit the UpRisers saw a photographic exhibition by […]

UpRisers see David Cameron and Nassim Taleb in conversation

A group of UpRisers attended a seminar where best-selling author Nassim Taleb and Conservative leader David Cameron MP discussed the economic crisis. At the event, Nassim Taleb, author of “Fooled By Randomness” and “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” spoke about the relevance of his ideas to the economic crisis, and argued […]

Eight UpRisers at “The World at One”

Eight UpRisers visited BBC Television Centre on 28 July 2009 to find out what goes on behind the scenes at top political Radio 4 show “The World at One”. The UpRisers were given a glimpse of the inner workings of the BBC by Political Correspondent Terry Stiastny, who took them on a tour of the […]

High Court Judge welcomes UpRisers to the Royal Courts of Justice

High Court Judge and former Solicitor General Sir Ross Cranston QC hosted a visit of UpRisers to the Royal Courts of Justice. The visit held on 23 July 2009 saw five UpRisers learn about the workings of the legal system from Sir Ross Cranston. The High Court Judge gave them an overview of the British […]